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UDPR is an investment and development company in the Ukrainian renewable energy industry. We see our cause as a noble one as we believe this business contributes to a brighter future for all humanity. We adapt and implement world trend technologies in Ukraine with full commitment to quality and long-term performance. As well as create and operate our own capacities in renewables.

We search for investment opportunities for stakeholders and partners, while opening up the Ukrainian market to global players with sufficient reliability and safety.


Our approach is based on clarity and transparency. We believe this is the only way to build strong partnerships, meet the expectations of our clients, and gain their trust and recognition. We are also constantly improving our services to deliver the best solutions and quality results.

Our job is to develop projects on a “turn-key” basis that includes: legal and technical due diligence of the land plot, interconnection check-up due diligence, land status reclaim, project design, technical documentation development, feed-in tariff obtaining, EPC and O&M.


Under Construction
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Free Energy

The peculiarity of this station is that most of its equipment is produced in Ukraine

Location: Kherson Region
DC capacity: 18,3 MW
Land use: 30 ha
Reduction of CO2: 22000 tons
Jobs creation: 40 employees



Dymerka PVPP-1

The first phase of Dymerska Photovoltaic Power Plant, the biggest in Kyiv Region. Commissioned on September 2017.

Location: Kyiv Region
DC capacity: 6 MW
Land use: 13.0 ha
Reduction of CO2: 6500 tons
Jobs created: 50 employees



Scythia Solar-1

Comissioning 2019

Location: Zaporizzhia
DC capacity: 13 MW
Land use: 20 ha
Reduction of CO2: 15600 tons
Jobs creation: 20 employees

Port Solar

Comissioning 2019

Location: Odessa Region
DC capacity: 8,4 MW
Land use: 17 ha
Reduction of CO2: 8300 tons
Jobs creation: 40 employees



Scythia Solar-2

Comissioning 2019

Location: Zaporizzhia
DC capacity: 33 MW
Land use: 50 ha
Reduction of CO2: 15600 tons
Jobs creation: 40 employees



committed to Earth

Our main goal is to build a better future for the next generations by implementing and delivering clean solar electricity. As a company, we feel we have the power to popularize environmentally responsible behavior that will lead to reducing and preventing environmental damage.

Environmental protection is an essential part of our philosophy. To be a good role model is our duty.


UDPR Experience

Our mission is to create new sources of growth for international power generating companies in Ukraine.

We make it possible by offering high-quality and high-yield projects for the further development, while co-investing and providing efficient local risks control.

for investors

Generating capacity

6 MW
24,3 MW
100 MW
180 MW

We are proud to be a part of one of the leading developer groups in Ukraine



UDP Renewables commissions new 18,3 MW solar park

The company launched its new photovoltaic power plant in Kherson region. It is the second commissioned green energy object of UDP Renewables.


UDPR invests $18 mln in building 18 MW solar plant

UDP Renewables, part of UFuture Group of Vasyl Khmelnytsky, has built a solar power plant with an installed capacity of 18 MW in Kherson region


Renewables to bring energy independence to Ukraine

Kyiv Post: Optimistic forecasts see Ukraine obtaining nearly all of its power from renewable sources by mid-century. But this “revolutionary scenario” would require significant investment and development of infrastructure.


UDP Renewables to start cooperation with the global leader in the renewable energy sector

UDP Renewables announces about the beginning of a large-scale cooperation with Spanish ACCIONA ENERGIA GLOBAL – a world leader in green power generation.


CFO at UDP Renewables Kiril Bondar on Solar Power Plant Development in Ukraine

CEELM reported that Everlegal had advised UDP Renewables, part of the UDP development group, on its development of the Dymerska Solar Power Plant in Ukraine


Renewable energy investors return to Ukraine with cautious optimism

Since 2015, the sector returned to stable growth. And in 2017, it is expected another 350–400 megawatts to come online from solar power stations alone.


Ukraine’s UDP to invest $300 mln in alternative energy by 2022

The first phase of a solar power plant in Kyiv region with a capacity of 6 MW has already been connected to the power grids

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